Closed Door Meeting with MLA Krishna Byre Gowda on addressing traffic issues in Bangalore


ESPL has continuously strived towards providing solutions to ease traffic in and around the Business Parks that we manage.  Whether it is partnering with BMTC at Embassy Manyata or providing cycles for internal movement at all the Parks, we have been providing multiple options to the Park Users.

As part of this effort, over the last two years, we have taken to promoting carpooling as a practice.  We launched the “it’s cool to carpool” campaign in January 2016, which saw a tremendous response from Park Users.  We have seen that the number of single occupant private vehicles entering the Park have dropped by around 15% since then.  However, we have taken the steps to take the initiative to the next level.

On 1st August 2017, we held a closed-door meeting with the Karnataka Minister for Agriculture, Mr. Krishna Byre Gowda, to brainstorm the possible options. While a number of options were discussed, we concluded with the decision to launch the “Green Rider” initiative.  We chose the color green to indicate the dual connotation associated with environment and money.  It will aim to promote the concept that “A Green Rider is an environmentally conscious and financially prudent citizen, who believes in carpooling”.

The Green Rider initiative would promote carpooling through measures aimed at incentivizing Park users to carpool.  This would be done through a rewards program which would identify individuals and companies who have contributed most to carpooling.  This campaign will run dedicatedly over a period of one year as community engagement initiative with focus on spreading awareness and encouraging the concept of carpooling.  We are confident that this movement will not only encourage the users of the Park but also spread across the city and pave the path for a Greener Bangalore.

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