Green Rider launched with good traction at Embassy Manyata


In October 2017, we launched Green Rider – an ambitious plan to reduce vehicular trafc in and around our Office Parks through carpooling and ridesharing. The Green Rider is a yearlong initiative in partnership with three leading carpooling apps – QuickRide, sRide, and Wheal Our World. We started this initiative at Embassy Manyata and have been very happy with the success of the program so far. Since October 2017, we have converted 21,000+ users into registered carpoolers and have seen over 51,000 carpooled rides so far. This has resulted in the reduction of over 191 tonnes of CO2 and other green-house gases which would require around 5800 trees to offset this pollution. As part of the initiative, we have designated four pickups and drop spots around Embassy Manyata where carpoolers can temporarily park their cars without affecting the flow of traffic. We are also providing Green Rider stickers to registered carpoolers. Be sure to pick up your sticker from our carpooling partner today! On February 8th and 9th we planned the first quarterly Green Rider Mela at Embassy Manyata to celebrate and award the people who carpool and make the effort to reduce vehicular traffic and pollution in the city. We had a great turnout at the Embassy Manyata amphitheatre, and the event was a fun and educational experience!

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