Leveraging technology to optimize operations

Embassy Services uses a number of technologies to improve efficiency and provide increased customer satisfaction. This includes an automated Energy Management System (EMS), Digital Logbooks, Embassy 360, Embassy Plus, and
Community App for the residential community.

The Energy Management System provides real time energy consumption data facilitating on the go analytics and thereby enabling us to evaluate the cost and efficiency of our operations;

From the resource-efficiency perspective, Embassy steadily progressing into a paperless data capturing company. Implementation of Digital Logbooks has made it extremely easy to capture, analyze, and share data across the team. A Digital Logbook not only eases collation of information, it also has the capability to aid in forecasting future
performance and provide the management the information it needs to make more critical decisions.

On the residential front, a Community App dedicated to all the residents of Embassy Group allows them to stay up to date on the latest news, events, and community happenings. Through this app a resident of Embassy feels connected to his or her immediate surroundings by sharing ideas, interests, profiles, and more. It brings people together for ad-hoc conversations and enables users to communicate seamlessly. This app is exclusive to Embassy properties which ensures that they get a seamless Embassy experience right from the time of purchase and even after they have moved in.
Embassy 360 and Embassy Plus have been around for some time now. Embassy 360 is a helpdesk tool, a ticketing system for all Facility Management (FM) and admin managers. While the system is being used extensively, on the back of certain innovative additions, we have now added a robust analytical layer to the tool which will enable
faster resolution in the near term and prevention in the long term.
On the other hand, based on user feedback and analysis, Embassy Plus is now pivoting tow a more information-centric portal for our commercial property users. This unique tool is a has now evolved to become a one-stop-destination for all park employees to get any information required with respect to the Park or the city around us.



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