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There is always a lot happening within our properties. As a part of the services we provide, we periodically engage with our clients by organising interactive events. The idea is to establish a sense of familiarity and belonging to the spaces they operate out of, and our efforts are making news. This section will keep you updated on all the news and events related to Embassy Services.

Badminton court @ Embassy Sports Zone

| Embassy Manyata

  We take play very seriously. Over the last few months, we have made a lot of efforts to ensure that the Embassy Sports Zone at Embassy Manyata is utilized to the fullest by the Park employees by upgrading the infrastructure in various ways. We are happy to announce that a new badminton court is […]

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Transport Operations started at Embassy TechZone

15th April | Embassy TechZone

  In partnership with Prasanna Purple, Embassy Services brings the Park employees transport service, for the employees working out of Embassy TechZone. There will be 32 buses operating 20+ routes with 3 log-ins and log-outs each.  Some of the features of this bus services are: E-tickets which can be purchased from the service App Premium […]

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Leveraging technology to optimize operations

| Embassy Manyata

Embassy Services uses a number of technologies to improve efficiency and provide increased customer satisfaction. This includes an automated Energy Management System (EMS), Digital Logbooks, Embassy 360, Embassy Plus, and Community App for the residential community. The Energy Management System provides real time energy consumption data facilitating on the go analytics and thereby enabling us […]

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Green Workplaces @ Embassy Manyata

Urban Gardening as a concept is fast catching. Embassy Services has provided the employees of our tenant at Embassy Manyata green spaces within the campus itself. Employees are now getting the opportunity to plant vegetables and nurture them in a space specially created for this activity. This has been covered in various media articles as well Click on […]

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Plus Mela_2

Embassy Plus Mela

December 2016 | Bangalore

The first Embassy Plus Mela was held on 22nd and 23rd December at the Embassy Manyata amphitheatre. More than 30 merchants across food, health, fashion and utilities categories were present: Chevrolet, Voonik, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, No Broker, Four Fountains, Columbia Asia and more. Various contests were held and prizes worth Rs. 100000+ were distributed based […]

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Starting the ride

Embassy Services introduces bicycles at all of its Business Parks

January 2017 | Bangalore

20th January 2017 was just another day for Embassy Services where we reaffirmed our commitment to a cleaner and greener environment. At Embassy Manyata, we launched 50 new bi-cycles for the use of our Park employees to commute within the campus. Given the size of the Park, this additional mode of movement was welcomed by […]

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