Newsreaders’ alerts at Embassy Pristine

Embassy Services launched an initiative to engage with our residents across our Residential properties in November. Our first event was a children’s themed event around Children’s Day at Embassy Pristine in Bangalore. During the event, we invited an ex-newsreader and journalist to engage with the children and give them an insight into the life of a TV journalist.

During the event, around 30 children – from 5 years of age to 14 – were grouped into teams of five. The teams were then told to come up with a fun name for their news channel and decide on a topic that they would like to present on. Much to our delight, the children had a wonderful time coming up with the topic and a script that they were asked to present on. We were very impressed as the children organized themselves and presented their topics with élan.

We are planning to make these events a regular feature at all our Embassy residential properties. Look out for an event at your Embassy property soon!

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